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Brandi Glanville: LeAnn Rimes Not Stable To Care For My Sons

Brandi Glanville doesn't think LeAnn Rimes is stable enough to care for her sons with ex Eddie Cibrian.

"I, unfortunately, don't find her to be stable and I don't want her around my kids when Eddie's not there -- or at least the nanny, his parents, someone," Glanville tells Us Weekly of Rimes.

The singer underwent a 30-day treatment program for stress and anxiety in August.

"Mason, my eldest, ate some of LeAnn's candies and got extremely ill. And her candies are laxatives. It was a big f--king deal for me, and I lost my mind."

"She has one in every purse. Mason found on the floor and thought it was a Skittle! They don't keep sugar in the house," Glanville explains. "He thought he finally found candy."

"These are my children and I don't want this unstable person around them when she's alone."

Glanville also took a swipe directly at Rimes when she posted she was flying out with "my boys" on Twitter.

"They are my boys, Eddie's boys and your stepsons... for now," the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star said.

Cibrian released a public statement asking Glanville to stop saying: "It is absolutely ridiculous that my ex-wife continues to put the personal lives of myself, LeAnn, our sons and my family on public display for the sake of her notoriety... And while I do not wish to fuel her ever-igniting fire, there is a breaking point where enough is enough."

But it was his private e-mail to Glanville, which she posted, that didn't mince words.

"I know your life exists solely for the purpose of living and creating drama," Cibrian said. "It's a sad way to live."

"It's so obvious that you have to constantly mention my wife so people will care what comes out of your mouth. One day when...narcissism is not consuming you, you will realize how fortunate the kids are to have LeAnn in their life. She is amazing with them, as the kids will 100 percent attest to."

Rimes and Cibrian became a couple in 2010 after having an affair while filming the Lifetime movie 'Northern Lights', while they were both married.

December 7, 2012 |

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