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Bradley Cooper: I Wanted To 'Kill Myself' Being Sidelined On 'Alias'

Bradley Cooper says he almost quit acting early in his career despite starring in 'Alias'.

"I would only work three days a week," Cooper tells the January issue of GQ. "And then for the second season, I got even more sidelined."

"I was like 'Ugh.' And then next thing you know, I was like, 'I want to f---ing kill myself.'"

So Cooper asked to be written off the show even though he didn't really have a Plan B.

"JJ was like, 'OK,'" he says of Abrams. "He probably would've fired me, anyway."

"At some point, you have to come to terms with 'The business just doesn't want you,' you know what I mean?," he says of almost quitting acting.

But it wasn't just the work that was suffering, he was too with drugs and alcohol.

"If I continued it, I was really going to sabotage my whole life," he explains. "I think work was getting f--ked up."

"The one thing that I've learned in life is the best thing I can do is embrace who I am and then do that to the fullest extent, and then whatever happens, happens."

"The more steps I do to not do that, the farther I am away from fulfilling any potential I would have."

A few years later, he was doing 'All About Steve', and "got to meet Sandra Bullock (photosSandra Bullock photos) and meet these people and work with them."

"And I'm sober, and I'm like, ‘Oh, I'm actually myself. And I don't have to put on this air to be somebody else, and this person still wants to work with me? Oh, what the f--k is that about?' I was rediscovering myself in this workplace, and it was wonderful."

"Now, in the back of my head, or in a place of my heart of, like, creativity, did I feel utterly fulfilled? Absolutely not. But I was grateful and happy to be working, and filling that void in smaller moments."

December 18, 2013 |

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