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Bobby Flay Taunted By 'Cheater' Banner During Walk of Fame Ceremony

As Bobby Flay was receiving his Hollywood Walk on Fame star on Tuesday, a plane flying overhead was delivering a different message.

An airplane carrying a banner that read "cheater" appeared just as Flay took the stage and continued to circle the area until the Food Network star finished speaking.

Flay filed for divorce from Stephanie March in April after 10 years of marriage and, if you've kept up with his exploits, has been accused of cheating on the 'Law & Order' actress.

The celebrity chef has denied accusations that he's had a three-year affair with his assistant, Elyse Tirrell.

Elyse, an spiring singer/actress, worked as a hostess at Flay's Bar Americain before being promoted as his assistant.

March and Flay are engaged in a bitter battle over their prenuptial agreement.

Bobby Flay's fortune's have dramatically changed over the last ten years. However, the agreement states the millionaire has to only pay March $5,000 per month.

June 3, 2015 |

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