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Bob Costas Explains Why He Got A Second Attempt Of His First Pitch

Bob Costas tells Jimmy Fallon why he got a second chance for his first pitch throw at a St. Louis Cardinals game.

"Some people were on me like I've violated the sacred protocol of first pitches," began Costas. "But if you take a look, it's 6:40. The game starts at 7:15."

"There's the mascot on the field, a groundskeeper with a hose over his shoulder, second base is sitting out in the outfield. Six little kids from the community center threw subsequent first pitches."

"We were actually shooting a public service announcement and the idea was that Jon Hamm had thrown the ball across town from the science center and I was going to catch it from the mound."

"So when the first pitch went off AJ's glove, I realized they didn't have a take so I asked for a second. It all took maybe ten seconds."

"So the next day I fly to LA and up comes a guy from TMZ and he starts talking to me and says how come 50 Cent doesn't get a second chance and you do."

"And I said if you saw 50's pitch, you know if he had 50 chances that he wasn't going to throw a strike. But I just needed a second chance and a perfect strike."

Costas then went on to say he "didn't want 50 Cent mad at me. I got enough problems. I got 99 problems but I don't want I don't want 51."

January 26, 2015 |

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