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Bob Costas Defends Mixing Politics With Sports Coverage

In a chat on 'Late Night', Bob Costas defends mixing politics with sports coverage saying Vladimir Putin and gun are in fact sports issues.

"I think we live in a culture where people who are angry are more apt to weigh in or people who have an extreme view are more apt to weigh in," says Costas. "And people who like it say 'Hey, that was good' when they see you on the screen."

"The only thing that I would emphasize, and I would think this would be obvious, I'm not talking about Syria or the national debt," he explains. "I'm talking about whatever may occasionally come up that is directly connected to sports."

"How the name of the Washington Redskins isn't a football issue, I have no idea. Who should be talking about that? Lou Dobbs?"

"How there is in fact a gun culture. No matter how you feel about the second amendment or gun control, leave that aside, there is a gun culture in sports."

Costas cites some of the athletes who have found themselves in hot water over guns since he made the comments in 2012.

"Raymond Felton of the Knicks in a domestic dispute happens to not only have a handgun but one that shoots armor piercing bullets, which every private citizen needs as we know," he says.

Costas then challenges that over the next five years he would like to track "how many good and constructive things are associated with athletes having guns" compared to "how many tragedies as associated with it."

April 3, 2014 |

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