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Billy Crystal's At Bat For The 'New York Yankees' (Video)

Thursday was a big day for comedian Billy Crystal. One day before his 60th birthday, Crystal slipped on his No.60 Yankees jersey and went to bat in a spring training game against the Pirates.

"This is a big birthday and the Yankees have been my childhood dream, always," Crystal said. "The fact that they wanted to make this happen for me is awesome. This is all about having fun. They've been great."

In the at-bat, Crystal took the first pitch for a ball, fouled the second offering down the first-base line, prompting the fans to cheer loudly, before working the count to 3-1.

But Crystal swung through the next two fastball's and ended the at bat with a strikeout. He certainly gave a good effort for an amateur 60-year-old!

Crystal was replaced in the third inning by Johnny Damon. Check out his at bat below (the second video is slightly better quality but not the traditional TV angle):

March 14, 2008 |

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