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Bill Maher On Police Culture: 'It Cannot Be Revenge For High School'

Bill Maher talks in detail about police culture and says "the Police Department cannot be revenge for high school."

"There's something wrong here that has to be addressed. I've been talking about police culture for a long time. We all respect the police but there is something wrong in police culture," begins Maher.

"I don't think most police are bad people. I don't think most police would do the things we see on tape but there is that thin blue line mentality to protect their own. That has to change."

"I think the police attract the wrong kind of people sometimes. I think there's a lot of people that go into policework because when they were young they had no authority, they were kind of losers. The police department cannot be revenge for highschool."

"I've seen enough videos to know there are too many cops who act like that. And, by the way, you could eliminate that. There are psychology tests you could take."

"I think most policemen want to do it for the right reasons but I also think it says 'To protect and serve' on the side of the car. That's us you're protecting and serving. You're not there to protect yourself."

July 15, 2016 |

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