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Bill Hader Says Goodbye To 'Saturday Night Live' As Stefon

Bill Hader said goodbye to 'Saturday Night Live' this past weekend with one last appearance from his character Stefon.

Stefon joined Seth Meyers and guest anchor Amy Poehler on the 'Weekend Update' desk to announce he was running away to marry someone else because Meyers didn't respect him enough.

When Meyers went after him, he found him at the altar with Anderson Cooper with wedding guests that included the Smurfs, ALF, and other fictional characters.

Hader later appeared in the show's final moments with their fake British rock band The Bizarros with guest Carrie Brownstein and the Sex Pistols' Steve Jones.

"Well, look it's our last night here," Fred Armisen said, hinting that this could've also been his final episode on SNL.

"But we're going to keep playing together," Hader added.

'Saturday Night Live's season finale was hosted by Ben Affleck, who tried to explain why he said he was "working" on his marriage with Jennifer Garner at the Oscars.

Garner made a surprise appearance to say she would've described their marriage as a "gift," not "work."

"I want to tell you how I wish I had ended that speech, OK?," Affleck said. "I couldn't do any of the things I do without you, without your support. You're my angel, my life, and my world."

Cut to Garner pointing out that he was reading off a cue card as Affleck told her he loved her.

Her response? "You're a lot of work."

May 20, 2013 |

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