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Ben Affleck To Donate Future Earnings From Weinstein Movies To Charity

After saying he wants to be "part of the solution," Ben Affleck is putting action behind his words.

When asked about his friend Kevin Smith's decision to donate all future profits from Harvey Weinstein-produced films to charity, Affleck said he was planning to do the same.

"It's funny that you mention that," Affleck told Fox 5 DC. "Once Kevin suggested that, I decided to do the same thing."

"So any further residuals that I get from a Miramax or a Weinstein movie will go either to F.I. or to RAINN. One is Film Independent, and the other is a women's organization."

"I just didn't want to cash any more checks from the guy, you know?"

Affleck said more men need to speak out against sexual harassment and "more women need to be pushed to power."

November 7, 2017 |

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