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'Bachelorette' Host: Ashley Should Find Out Suitors True Intentions On Her Own

'Bachelorette' host Chris Harrison is defending producers' choice to not reveal Bentley's true intentions to Ashley Hebert.

This following the most recent episode in which Bentley made no bones about his disappointment over Emily Maynard not being the Bachelorette.

The season's villain said he had no interest in Ashley and was simply there to play with her emotions and be the last man standing. He left the show when he didn't receive a rose after a group date. Although Ashley later admitted she would have almost certainly taken him to the end.

"I'm catching heat and the producers are catching heat, but the only way we could have told her everything about Bentley was to completely affect her journey," Harrison tells TV Guide.

"What line do we not want to cross? Then it really opens up Pandora's box and where to we stop the line? Do I tell her a snide comment that J.P. just made or 'Oh I heard William said something about you too?'"

"Why would she even date these guys when she could just go to the producers and watch the tapes and see how they act."

"It completely undermines everything we've been about for the entire show. I know it's a sketchy grey area, but that's the line we've drawn and we've stuck to it."

As for whether editing may have had a part in Bentley coming off as rough as he did, Harrison says that's not true.

"Every bad guy, villain, person who comes off looking less than glamorous on the show always runs behind editing and if you notice it's only those people. Is the show edited? Yes, every show on television is edited. Our show is edited down to a less than two-hour show after a week of taping."

"And you have to understand he was only there for two weeks. It wasn't like Roberto where he's there for the entire time on Ali's season and we can pull interviews from weeks and weeks if we wanted."

"If you listen to his words, he couldn't have been talking about anything else on the show. 'I'm going to make her cry, does my hair look good? She's straddling me...' obviously he's talking about those situations."

"Even conspiracy theorists have to agree, there wasn't enough time for us to manipulate it."

June 8, 2011 |

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