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Astronaut Chris Hadfield On Reality Of Sandra Bullock's 'Gravity' Underwear

Conan O'Brien asks astronaut Chris Hadfield if all astronauts are in their underwear under their space suits, like Sandra Bullock (photosSandra Bullock photos) in 'Gravity'.

"The visuals were in that were better than any space movie ever made," said Hadfield.

"I've done two spacewalks and inside our space suits we're wearing like a Halloween costume, which is a liquid cooling garment, and we're wearing like Depends -- big boy diapers -- udernearth."

"You come out, you've been sweating there for eight hours, your hair looks like rat fur. We do not look like an underwear model when we come out."

"I think they made the right call in the movie though," said Conan. "I think Sandra Bullock taking off her suit revealing giant Depends, lots of rat fur on her head would like 'Hey man, it's real. Deal with it.'"

November 12, 2013 |

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