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AP Lashes Out At 'Justice League' For Being 'Dumb' and Objectifying Gadot

It appears 'Justice League' may be fighting at uphill battle at the box office.

In its review of the DC film, the Associated Press lashes out at what it describes as a disjointed film and criticizes director Zac Snyder for objectifying Wonder Woman Gal Godot.

"Although marginally better than 'Batman v Superman' and 'Suicide Squad', director Zack Snyder's latest is still a profound mess of maudlin muscles, incoherent action and jaw-droppingly awful CGI. It is big, loud, awful to look at and oh-so-dumb," Lindsey Bahr says.

Bahr compliments Ezra Miller and self-deprecating humor and Gadot but not much else.

"'Justice League' feels labored, from a preposterous underwater battle that comes out of nowhere and the camaraderie between the superheroes that never clicks into place, to Batman's lumbering gait and Superman's mouth which looks a little... off," she says.

"It's likely because the production had to digitally remove Cavill's 'Mission: Impossible 6' mustache for re-shoots. After experiencing this unnaturally altered face on the big screen, it seems like the worst possible compromise."

But she saves her harshest criticism for Snyder's view of Gadot.

"And never has it been so obvious that the character of Wonder Woman is now being presented through a man's eyes. Snyder chooses on multiple occasions to let the shot linger on Gadot's figure," she says, "whether panning up her legs unnecessarily to get to a normal scene of dialogue or making sure that the camera is there to capture the moment when her skirt flies up in an action sequence."

"It is, quite frankly, gross and a wildly disappointing departure from what Patty Jenkins was able to accomplish with the character earlier this year."

"It's hard not to feel a little bad for the DC Comics films at this point," she sums up. "It's not too late to re-think this whole thing and start over. Just keep Gadot around, please."

She gives the film one and a half stars out of four and with DC having several follow-up films in the pipeline, it certainly can't be good news for the brand that appeared to be making a turn around with 'Wonder Woman'.

'Justice League' is poised to have a solid weekend debut with projections of over $300 million worldwide. However, negative reviews could drastically affect its staying power at the box office.

November 15, 2017 |

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