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Anthony Hopkins Wants To Play Alfred Hitchcock

Anthony Hopkins, who has been attached to an Alfred Hitchcock biopic for years, says he's still hoping he will get a chance to play the legendary filmmaker.

Hitchcock was "a very interesting man, very strange guy, very dark man," says Hopkins. "I saw a film about the making of 'Psycho' and it was the most frightening film I have ever seen."

Hitchcock directed more than fifty feature films in a career spanning six decades. Often regarded as the greatest British filmmaker, he came first in a 2007 poll of film critics in Britain's Daily Telegraph, which said: "Unquestionably the greatest filmmaker to emerge from these islands, Hitchcock did more than any director to shape modern cinema, which would be utterly different without him."

"His flair was for narrative, cruelly withholding crucial information and engaging the emotions of the audience like no one else."

Hopkins' latest film 'The Rite' is poised to take over the box office as it opens on Friday.

January 28, 2011 |

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