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Anthony Hopkins Talks About His 'Breaking Bad' Fan Letter On 'Tonight Show'

On his appearance on 'The Tonight Show' to promote 'Thor: The Dark World', Anthony Hopkins talked about the 'Breaking Bad' fan letter he penned that went viral.

Hopkins called star Bryan Cranston's turn as Walter White "the best acting I have seen ever" although he said the actor was a little embarrassed that the letter was posted online.

"I became hooked on it. I think I watched it three episodes a night. I got so hooked on the story," said Hopkins. "Great thing about it is you can spend time in a scene with the camera."

"Today I watch car chases in movies and I don't know who's chasing who. The editing is so fast. But with that you can see the story unfold and that's what I loved about it."

"I saw the episode and I wrote the letter that night. I didn't even know Bryan Cranston... never met him. Apparently Bryan Cranston was upset by it but Michael Quezada sent it viral I believe. You know, I didn't mind it if that's what they wanted to do. But I think he was a bit embarrassed."

November 5, 2013 |

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