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Angelina Jolie's Adopted Baby Was Conceived After Rape

The biological mother of the Ethiopian baby adopted by Angelina Jolie (photosAngelina Jolie photos) says the baby was conceived after she was raped.

In an interview, Mentwabe Dawit described how she was attacked after a day's work at a construction site as she walked home: "He pulled a dagger, put one hand on my mouth, so that I could not scream. He then raped me and disappeared."

"I feared the consequences of being raped in a community where rape is considered a taboo, even if what happened happened forcibly."

But as her belly swelled, Mentwabe could no longer hide her pregnancy and confided in her mother: "It was not as I feared. I found my mother understanding and consoling. She urged me not to do anything rash, which might endanger my life."

Mentwabe gave birth but soon found she was unable to feed the baby: "My baby was on the verge of death. She became malnourished and was even unable to cry. I was desperate and decided to run away, rather than see my child dying."

Mentwabe's mother searched for her for months but eventually put the baby up for adoption, believing her own daughter had died.

"My mother's motive was to save the child from dying which I fully understand. I have never disputed the adoption of my baby by Angelina Jolie."

"I think my daughter is a very fortunate human being to be adopted by a world famous lady. I wish them both all the success they deserve."

November 21, 2007 |

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