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Anderson Cooper Says 'Live' Would Be 'Dream', Andy Cohen Says He's Too Busy

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen were two of the favorites to take the seat beside Kelly Ripa (photosKelly Ripa photos) on 'Live' the last time there was an opening four years ago.

And now that the job will be up for grabs again, Cooper admits it would be something he would love to do.

While appearing on 'Watch What Happens Live' with Andy Cohen, a viewer asked the CNN anchor: "How do you feel about all the drama over at Live with Kelly and Michael, and would you be open to co-hosting?"

"Listen, I love Kelly and I think Kelly is the heart and soul of that show and it's going to go on and continue to be great and I wish Michael the best in his new endeavor," began Cooper.

"Look, I'm very happy at CNN. It would be a dream to work with Kelly, but nobody's offering anything."

Meanwhile, Andy Cohen has said he's too busy to even think about doing another show.

"I have 10 jobs!," Cohen told Us Weekly. "I have my own late-night talk show that's on every night."

"When I look at this whole situation, it's worth noting that the two of them, Kelly and Michael, they had such great chemistry — such great chemistry," he weighed in.

"And I'm just looking at this — it just seems like a premature end to a great relationship. It ended way too prematurely, and I think so much has been written about this situation and how it was handled."

April 29, 2016 |

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