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Amber Tamblyn Almost Turned Down Role On 'House'

Amber Tamblyn made her debut as third-year medical student Martha Masters on last night's episode of 'House'.

But Tamblyn reveals that when she was first approached about the role, she wasn't very interested at all.

"I thought, I don't want to do a medical show. That doesn't sound very fun to me," the 27-year-old tells the 'Boston Herald'.

"I started asking my friends, and they all went, ĎAre you an idiot? It's not a medical show. Have you ever seen it?' I felt very stupid for ever thinking that. I rented a bunch of the seasons, and I watched it and I was really blown away."

She explains her character is a bit of an homage by producers to a friend, who is currently a medical student and also named Martha Masters.

"They made her sign a release saying she wouldnt sue Fox," says Tamblyn. "I'm not saying anything out of turn or mean about her, but she's incredibly brilliant and sometimes she can be very socially awkward."

"I think you're going to see someone who has been so much in the world of academia and knowledge that she really never progressed or matured in a social sense. You're going to see someone who has a hard time communicating on the most-basic levels."

"I think House probably sees a little bit of himself in her, except the opposite - he's usually mean and she's usually overly nice. The two characters both annoy and fascinate each other."

If you missed last night's episode, learn a bit about Amber Tamblyn's character below. As House puts it, she's "like the internet with breasts."

November 9, 2010 |

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