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Amber Heard Was Told Coming Out As Bisexual Would Ruin Her Career

Amber Heard (photosAmber Heard photos) says she was told that coming out as bisexual would destroy her Hollywood career.

"Everyone told me: 'You cannot do this.' I had played opposite Nicolas Cage, and in another I was playing opposite Johnny Depp," she tells Allure.

"And everyone said, 'You're throwing it all away. You can't do this to your career.'"

"And I said, 'I cannot do this any other way. Watch me.'"

Heard, who was married to Depp from 2015 to 2017, says she doesn't like to box herself as one thing or another.

"I don't identify as anything. It's so important to resist labels. I don't care how many letters you add. At some point, it's going to spell 'We are human.'"

Heard stars as Mera, queen of the sea opposite Aquaman, in 'Justice League'.

November 21, 2017 |

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