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'Amazing Race' Season 14's Luke Confirms He Is Gay

You couldn't help but cheer for Margie and Luke on the just concluded season of 'The Amazing Race'. 'Bionic woman' Margie and the show's first deaf contestant Luke may not have come out on top but the two beat all kinds of odds to finish in third place.

However, curiously throughout it all, the 'Amazing Race' didn't make reference to the fact that Luke was openly gay. Not because it matters, but because the omission lead many viewers to wonder whether he had a thing for Cara and Jamie.

In an interview with 'After Elton', Luke says he believes he knows why producers didn't feel it was important to mention: "CBS didn't want to add too many labels, a gay this or a gay that. Mel and Mike were very open about being gay, that was their team. I think the focus on my team with my mom was the fact that I was deaf, not that I was gay. I think they didn't want to confuse people by adding too many labels to me."

"A lot of people have misconceptions that I like Cara and Jamie, and that's not true. We're friends, of course, but my interest in them is not like that."

Mom Margie reveals how her son came out to the family: "Luke sends me this text message from school, because that's how we communicate, and says, 'I have something really important to tell you, and I don't want to hurt your feelings and I don't want you to be mad, but I'm gay'. And I was like, 'Thank you for telling me'."

"And he was like, "You're not mad?" And I just said, "Why would I be mad? I've known your whole life."

"It doesn't change who Luke is. He's my son. He's a wonderful person. If he likes a man or likes a woman, that doesn't make any difference to me. I just want him to be happy. I called his sister when he told me, and said, 'Hey, Luke finally came out'. And she said, 'Oh, it's about time'. There was no drama, no surprise. Nothing really changed except I think Luke was able to take a breath and be himself a little more around us."

As for the race, Margie says the rickshaw challenge in Phuket was the only one she felt they were truly at a disadvantage in: "He was just out of my reach so I couldn't get his attention. I couldn't touch him to get him to stop, I couldn't give him directions, so if he was running, I couldn't get his attention. That was really frustrating for me. He was just out of reach. That was the one time I think we had a disadvantage."

Their favorite challenges were carrying the pig in the finale and the cheese hill in the first episode: "We lived in Hawaii for three years; Luke's dad was in the army. We didn't live on Maui, but going back to Hawaii for the final leg of the race was really fun for us. We'd been to many luaus, so it was a really cool ending to the race for us because we were back in a place we were very comfortable in, and familiar with the culture. It was just awesome to be back there."

And Luke says while his mom learnt he was more competitive than she ever imagined, he always knew Margie had it in her: "Before the race started, Mom used to doubt herself about her strength. I never doubted my mom for one second. I knew she could do it. I knew with a positive attitude she could do it. I knew she was the right team partner for me."

"Not only me, I think she surprised herself. I don't think she knew she had those physical capabilities in her when we did those challenges. She's fifty-one years old, and she's an amazing person. I'm so proud of her."

May 13, 2009 |

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