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Alyssa Milano Literally Driving Voters To Polls For Georgia Election

Alyssa Milano (photosAlyssa Milano photos) and Christopher Gorham are literally driving voters to the early voting polls before the special election next month.

Milano, a supporter of Democrat Jon Ossoff, is in the Georgia area helping voters deliver the votes for the candidate ahead of the April 18 election.

Ossoff, one of five Democrats running to fill the seat left vacant by Tom Price's appointment as Health and Human Services secretary, has raised an unprecedented $3 million for the race.

"No joke," Gorham said on Twitter. "Call 678-636-9551 and Alyssa Milano and I WILL PICK YOU UP and take you to early vote! Now."

The pair is currently filming the TV movie 'Insatiable' in the state.

March 28, 2017 |

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