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AC/DC Singer Brian Johnson: iTunes Is Going To Kill Music

AC/DC's newest album, 'Black Ice', will be released in the US on October 20th but don't try to find it on iTunes.

In fact, don't look for it anywhere other than Wal-Mart and Sam's Club thanks to an exclusive deal signed by the Australian heavy metal group two months ago.

AC/DC is one of the few bands which refuses to make their music available for purchase on the iTunes stores and lead singer Brian Johnson believes that other musicians should follow their lead: "Maybe I'm just being old-fashioned, but this iTunes, God bless 'em, it's going to kill music if they're not careful," Johnson tells Reuters.

"It's a monster, this thing," he says. "It just worries me. And I'm sure they're just doing it all in the interest of making as much cash as possible. Let's put it this way, it's certainly not for the love, let's get that out of the way, right away."

"A lot of people were saying 'Ah man, you're going to the big Wal-Mart, you're selling out. Wal-Mart were the only big store to stock all of our albums, every single one of them, and they've never deviated."

The band's first studio album in eight years will feature fifteen new tracks from brothers Angus and Malcolm Young, Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, and Phil Rudd.

Johnson doesn't rule out another album, but doesn't want to promise anything: "I'm going to leave it in the hands of the gods. Life is what it is, y'know. You start trying to plan too carefully, it'll come kick you right in the ass."

October 14, 2008 |

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