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ABC Ignores 'Standing Breaks' As David Blaine Completes His Stunt

David Blaine wrapped up his latest stunt on Wednesday night with a two-hour special on ABC, but while the magician succeed, ABC failed.

The network made absolutely no reference to the regular 'standing breaks' Blaine took to complete his stunt, in which he was supposed to hang upside down for 60 consecutive hours. As we mentioned in our article yesterday, Blaine was spotted taking at least one break every hour -- sometimes as many as three to four.

However, ABC chose to conveniently ignore the fact during its broadcast and gave millions of viewers the impression that Blaine had been hanging upside down since Monday.

In fact, not only did the two hour special not have even one shot of Blaine during any of his breaks, it went out of its way to make sure all the interviews featured had Blaine hanging like a bat.

Of course, the performance wouldn't have been complete without Blaine complaining about how hard the feat had been on his body, and worse than he could have ever expected. Commenting at one point that the "enormous push of blood" was making him feel like his head was "about to explode."

Blaine may have been the magician but ABC was the real illusionist last night.

September 25, 2008 |

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