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Aaron Hernandez's Family Suing NFL After Finding He Had 'Most Severe' CTE

The family of Aaron Hernandez plans to file a lawsuit against the NFL and the New England Patriots after researchers confirmed he had a severe case of CTE.

The 27-year-old committed suicide in prison in April while serving a life sentence for murder. However, the family believes some of the actions that led to his downfall were due to CTE, which is caused by traumatic brain injuries and head trauma.

"We got the results back and found that not only did he have CTE, but it was the most severe case that they've ever seen in a football player of his age," his lawyer, Jose Baez, tells People.

"There are four stages of CTE, and Aaron was a stage 3 at age 27."

"While we still maintain that he was innocent, the CTE can explain a lot of his behavior," Baez says. "The impulsiveness can be a symptom of CTE. We think that the CTE explains a lot of things that Aaron did, including his supposed suicide."

"There's no question that the CTE is a result of playing football. They need to be held accountable. We are filing a lawsuit against the NFL and the New England Patriots."

"It's a loss of consortium claim for his daughter. She's growing up without a father because of the negligence of the NFL."

September 22, 2017 |

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