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24's Aaron Pierce Was Supposed To Be Killed Two Seasons Ago

Glenn Morshower, who plays trusty Secret Service agent Aaron Pierce on '24' says his character was supposed to be killed off two seasons ago, but he convinced producers to let him live on.

"What you don't know is that I was scheduled to die and it wasn't merely an idea they were toying around with," Morshower tells the 'Star Telegram'. "The script was actually written. I have that script, with the death of Aaron Pierce, which was in season five."

"Howard Gordon, our executive producer and now show-runner, called me and said, 'I want to give you the heads up. It's Aaron's last show. He dies in this one. I didn't want you to have cardiac arrest when you read the script.'"

"He assured me it had nothing to do with me personally, which I knew. Basically, they were running out of people to kill that the audience cared about. And after I hung up, I actually cried. It hit me like a ton of bricks. What a sad thing to put this character, who I so enjoyed playing, to rest."

"And I thought about it and thought about it. And I phoned Howard the next day and said, 'I think it is a colossal mistake to kill Aaron Pierce.' This was the season that we killed David Palmer. We'd also killed Tony. Of course, Tony came back from the dead, but we didn't know that would happen. We'd killed Michelle. We'd had Edgar die in that gas-related situation. Now what are the chances that all of these deaths would occur on the same day in separate incidents?"

"I said, 'If you're not careful, the show is going to wind up becoming cartoon-like.' I said, 'Let me assure you I'm not trying to lengthen my stay on the show. I'm saying don't kill Aaron because I think it will hurt the show. So if you're done with Aaron Pierce, give him the dignity of sending him off in retirement. You don't need to kill him.'"

"Less than a week later, Howard called and said, 'You've jolted me with your conviction. My whole take on this has changed and I'm going to bat for you.' He went to Fox and pitched his newfound feelings and by noon they had destroyed that script."

Morshower also reveals he's still good friends with Dennis Haysbert, who played David Palmer -- the man Aaron Pierce was brought on to protect while he was seeking election as president.

"The funniest thing you will ever see is when Dennis and I go to lunch," he says. "When we go out in public together, people look at us and say, 'Oh, my God, this is bizarre! Even though President Palmer is dead, Pierce continues to protect him!'"

The '24' two hour season finale airs tonight on Fox at 8 PM.

May 18, 2009 |

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